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Not sure what cryptocurrency to invest in? Our traders are Cray, and they haz good bids. So stop freaking out and follow a Craytrader to buy and sell crypto with confidence!

About Craytraders

The goal of Craytraders is to help crypto enthusiasts feel more comfortable buying and selling various crypto currencies by watching experts in real time.

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Choose Craytraders to follow and watch them place bids and asks. See their closed orders and profit percentages.

Market Values

See all coin values in one place in both BTC and USD to keep track of current market prices.

Traders speak

See what Craytraders have to say about the market as they post updates on the feed. See what coins they favor in real-time.

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They cryptocurrency market cap is around $100 billion with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the pack.
Don't miss out on this opportunity at the ground level. Get involved today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have a few questions. Here are some of the most common we have received so far.

What exactly does your platform do?
Craytraders is a platform that allows everyday cryptocurrency enthusiasts to spectate the buys and sells of cryptocurrency day trading experts. By viewing bids, asks, profit and loss percentages, along with historical data and current market values you will feel confident placing your bids for various cryptocurrencies on your preferred exchange.
Why should I trust your Craytraders?
Great question! The truth is, our Crays have been day trading cryptocurrency for years and have become quite the experts. They use sophisticated graphs, prediction software, and tap into all exchanges to make sure they make the right moves.
What exactly is an Altcoin?
Altcoin is short for alternative coin. An Altcoin (such as SC / Siacoin) is a digital (or virtual) currency that is tied to a platform (usually) that has some sort of valuable function in today's society. There are many Altcoins such as DOGE, ARDR, CVC, XRP, ANS and many more. You should look into each coin, their website, their function, and what their roadmap for the future might be to see if you are interested in supporting their technology.
Will I make a profit from Craytraders?
It's up to you to place your bids (buys) and asks (sells) at your own discretion. All we are providing is the best possible prediction in pricing from our Craytraders. If you see them place an order for 100,000 ARDR, but you can only afford 500 ARDR, well your profit margin will be much lower. Just remember, you need to have BTC (Bitcoin) in order to trade on exchanges, so be prepared to buy them somewhere.

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